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Re: turning off continuable error messages

Dan Stanger <dxs@evolving.com> says:
   (load "loop.lsp")
   > ** - Continuable Error
   > Redefining the COMMON LISP macro LOOP
Bruno Haible says:
   One should be able to handle this using the new condition system 

My answer:
   I assume the error message came from CERROR.
   In that case something like this ought to work:
     ((t ; provide a more specific condition if you know it
      #'(lambda (c) ; a condition argument
	  (when (find-restart 'continue)
	     ; cerror is supposed to provide this restart
	     (invoke-restart 'continue)))))
     (load "loop.lsp"))

Bruno responds:
   Yes, it does. One can also write "error" instead of "t".