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Here it is... I'm about to admit all of what I don't know about computing.

I've tried to install CLISP on my Quadra 950 running Soft PC - the DOS/Windows
emulator. I only have 16 MB RAM so I tried to launch it in DOS. Regardless of
what I do, CLISP is savvy enough to determine that it's not running on a native

When I try to run clisp, it says:

< RSX dpmi-extender alpha v0.61 (c) Rainer Schnitker '92'93
< No DPMI-host found!
< run-time error R6001
< - null pointer assignment

When I try to run lisp itself, I get:

< This program requires an 80386 CPU.

Since I don't have the background to determine how tied into the HW all this is
I'll ask in vain:

Is there a workaround? Any way in which I might run CLISP on Soft PC?\

Thanks in advance for your response.

Miriam Heller

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