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Re: user-homedir-pathname in dos

Bruno wrote:
> >  "The definition of home directory is implementation-dependent,
> >  but defined in Common Lisp to mean the directory where the user
> >  keeps personal files such as initialization files and mail."
> >Well, how could this make sense on DOS?
> i dont think this says that the function should be omitted, just that  
> what "home direcotry" means will differ across ports.  i think since  
> dos was intended to be a single user OS at a minimum the function  
> could return "\" ,

The getpw{ent,uid,nam}() emulations in many DOS libraries (i.e., the
routines that set the pw_dir component of the passwd struct) do first
check for the existence of an environment variable HOME and return
its value. "\" is the fallback, often. Available user(s) are "root"
and sometimes "anonymous" or "nobody".

That might be used as a possible implementation strategy for


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