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New version of old CLISP

I am trying to use the June 22 version of CLISP on my UnixWare (1.1) machine
and I have the impression I ran into a bug.

The compilation/installation went smoothly. I used the recommended CFLAGS
as given in unix/PLATFORMS. "make test" and "make testsuite" reported
everything ok.

But when I try to compile CLX I get the following message:

*** - Lisp stack overflow. RESET

"make clx" completes without further problem and produces the expected files.
But running the CLX demos never get to any result visible on the screen
and end with the same message:

*** - Lisp stack overflow. RESET

Does anybody know what's wrong? Should I go back to a previous version of

Thanks for your help.

Jean-Claude Beaudoin

Sobeco Ernst & Young,   division MultiLIS         email: jbeaudoi@sobeco.com
505 boul. Rene-Levesque ouest                     tel: (514) 878-9090 ext.352
Montreal, Canada, H2Z 1Y7                         fax: (514) 875-2673