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Re: Redefinition of print-object

I don't really have a dog in this fight (I've only started using CLISP
and only on my home PC -- the user of that machine is very tolerant of
warning messages), but it seems to me that if the warning generated
could be gotten rid of using a suitable combination of MUFFLE-WARNING,
HANDLER-BIND, and the like.  Wrapping this around an application's use
of LOAD/REQUIRE couldn't be that tough.  I realize that this would
likely muffle all warnings, including "important" ones.  Maybe the
warning generated could be of a particular type, rather than
SIMPLE-WARNING (as it is in clisp version at hand -- 10/12/93) and
then the muffler could be a little more discriminating.  A warning of
type CLOS:MODIFIED-GENERIC-FUNCTION or some such would at least be