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Re: Strange output error

> > This is a bug in CLISP which is fixed since the 1994-06-22 release.
>    The problem is, I am forced to work with an old version of CLISP
> because I have a compiled toolkit and I do not have access to the
> source code.

You just need to look in the /pub/lisp/clisp/source-haible/1994-06-22/
directory. It contains the patches that led to that clisp version. In your
case, it is the file clispsrc-1994-01-08-to-1994-06-22.tar.z, which contains
a file diffs-1994-01-08-to-1994-06-22, and all you need of it is the patch
to stream.d, lines *** 3437,3444 **** --> --- 3449,3458 ----.

                    Bruno Haible