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Re: Abort

> From: dudeyp@research.CS.ORST.EDU
> Is this supposed to happen?
> *** - EVAL: User break
> 1. Break> abort
> *** - EVAL: variable ABORT has no value
> 2. Break> abort
> 1. Break> abort

If you hit <return> at the "1. Break>" prompt and then go "abort" (or
any other command in the "help" list) then it seems to think that
you're trying to evaluate a symbol by that name.  However your output
doesn't show that so I can't help here.

> While I'm at it, is there some abbreviation of abort away with which I
> can get?

EOF is a good way to go back up a level i.e. <Ctrl-d> in unix or
<Ctrl-z> in DOS or VMS (can't remember what it is in others).  I'm not
sure if this completely equivalent to an "abort" but it's much less typing!


Richard Shepherd. 


(boring ~/.signature eh?)