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Multi-return value functions and with-input-stream-do

Hello everybody!

After playing around with CLISP for a while, I think that I have
reached now a point of knowledge to be able to solve some more
ambitious problem than playing around with lists, streams and so on.

I want to develop a program to lemmatise a german text, but that is
not the topic of this mail.

I want that my program has an nice X-Windows userinterface, and
inspired by an article in Linux Journal I thought "Why shouldn't I do
it the same way?". This guy simply opened a pipe to a wish Task (the
Tcl/Tk-interpreter) and send this task via the pipe the required
commands and makes all data processing within a C-program. And I want
to do the same with LISP, yesterday I tried it and all works fine.
That means I opened a pipe with make-pipe-io-stream to the wish task
and I also managed to send all information for displaying the main
window. But then my problems started, I wanted to read something from
the in-stream and parse it, but I got really messed up with all these
input functions provided by LISP. Then I discovered this nice macro
with-open-stream and thought that this macro would solve my problems.
But I doesn't solve anything, cause make-pipe-io-stream returns a
multi-returnvalue. How do I use with-open-stream with make-pipe-io-stream?

Or how do I solve the following task? I want to constantly read from a
pipe similar to read-char-no-hang, but I want to read a whole line and
reading stops when an EOF is received, then all pipes produced by
make-pipe-io-stream should be closed.

I hope, that some could help me.

Bye, Oliver

P.M.: Excuse my bad english, but I have to learn writing english all
over again. I lacked some experience in the past.