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Re: Problems building 1995-04-04

> > I've been having LOTS of problems, but here's an easy one first
> Please come out with the next problems...

Well, a good one is the fact that my german is not up to the task
of reading the comments in the code, but I need the practice
anyway, for the next time I talk to Opa ;-)

I managed to successfully build on BSDi 1.0, but only after
setting -DNO_ASM.  The assembly code in eval.d wouldn't make it
past the "native" gcc for some reason (Bad "%%" codes of some
sort.  I tried a variety of different things.)

I still haven't been able to build it on solaris 2.3.  The
SUNWspro compiler tries to really parse files fed to 'cc -E', so
I can't run the assembler code through it and, as for the version
of gcc that we have installed on the solaris box, it's cpp calls
abort() (without an error message I might add) while trying to
process spvw.c.  I HAVE managed to build on SunOS 4.1, but the
solaris box refuses to run it, for some reason.  lisp.run thinks
that the memory image has been built by a different version of

Finally, if anybody has a SCO clisp binary with no X-windows
support, I'd love to get a copy.  My SCO box at home _might_ be
able to run clisp, but I know for a fact that it has nowhere near
enough disk for the task of building it.

- David