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RE: Garnet 3.0 Speedup anyone?

   Date: Tue, 27 Jun 95 06:05:54 +0200
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   From: Marcus Daniels <marcus@aristotle.icc.pdx.edu>

   >>>>> "Thomas" == Thomas Gerard Provenzano <us001513@interramp.com> writes:

   Thomas> I am using Garnet 2.2 with CLISP and Linux and the application
   Thomas> using it runs fairly slowly on my 486/33 with 20MB RAM.  

   Even on 133Mhz MIPS box, Garnet with CMUCL is still fairly slow.  If
   you really wanted to beat on ECL, you might be able to get Garnet
   working.  I tried once, but it porting looked to be fairly messy.

I have ported Garnet 2.2 to ECL.
However I decided that Tk would be a better alternative: I have a prototype
which is indeed much faster than Garnet.

-- Beppe