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Re: Hello / CLISP flying into outer space ? :-)

>Maybe reliability is more an issue than speed.

This is true, although to be honest the actual reason we are using
CLisp for prototyping is that I learned about CLisp before learning
about GCL and ECL.  If I had it to do over again I would probably
use ECL because it has threads (assuming I could get the threads to
work -- so far I haven't been able to :-)

>Just imagine the embarassement if the software dumps core while
>running for real in outer space...

Actually, that's not necessarily a fatal problem.  By using a watchdog
timer the system can be made to automatically reboot if it hangs.

The main obstacle to actually flying CLisp is that the source code
is just so *huge*, and has so many nested ifdefs that it's nearly
impossible to figure out what is going on.  The V&V (verification and
validation) people are going to go seriously nonlinear when they see it.