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Re: Hello / CLISP flying into outer space ? :-)

>>>>> "RT" == Raymond Toy <toy@rtp.ericsson.se> writes:

RT> A bit off-topic, but for me, the best thing for porting would be
RT> if the comments in the code were in English---I haven't learned to
RT> read German yet. :-)

A bit further off topic, I've been working on adding support for GNU
gettext.  The package has a fairly impressive Emacs mode called
`po-mode'.  It shows you translation strings in parallel with the
"original" text (of course, CLISP has three sets of "original"

I've already had to modify the preprocessing program (comment5) to
expand special comments, for the sake of non-gettext configurations.
So, it seems possible to manually go through the sources, tagging
textual comments, so that xgettext could add them to the po files.
Then one day a German "translation team" with time on their hands
(heh, right!!!) could translate CLISP's comments to other

The result would be that in Emacs a CLISP developer editing a CLISP source
file could have a window showing translations for all comments and
message strings in their mother tongue.