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Re: CLTL compatible type contagion?

>>>>> "Marcus" == Marcus Daniels <marcus@sysc.pdx.edu> writes:

>>>>> "Raymond" == Raymond Toy <toy@rtp.ericsson.se> writes:
    Raymond> This behavior makes numerical work more difficult than it
    Raymond> should be.

    Marcus> Others may disagree.  :-)

Of course!

    Raymond> Does anyone know where the routines are that cause this
    Raymond> behavior?  I'd like to change it in my own copy of clisp.
    Raymond> I tried looking through the source, but I don't read
    Raymond> German.

[instructions deleted]

    Marcus> This hack just addresses your particular example, though.

Thanks for the hint.  I haven't decided if I really want to do this or
not, though.

    Marcus> Personally, I like being reminded by CLISP about such
    Marcus> careless behavior.

I agree, it is nice, but I wish it could remind me a bit more
loudly. :-) Silently making all (following) results a single-float
makes it very difficult to find out where I made the original
mistake. :-)