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  I am just getting back into LISP after working with C/C++ on Micro$oft
platforms for a while.  Any comments on the following would *really* be

  o Do many AI researchers use CLISP?  That is, does LISP code made 
    available on the Internet generally work "as is" with CLISP?

  o Is there any place other than this list where people talk about CLISP?
    The comp.lang.lisp group seems rather dead (perhaps LISP is dying).

  o Is Linux a good CLISP platform (my first experience, although I am using
    SCO at the moment).

  o Where on the net is there substantial activity re: LISP.  Seems everyone
    is balancing their checkbook using Visual Basic on Windows95 these 

I am thinking seriously about turning my computer into a Linux server, and
getting a an old low-end clunker to run Windows95 and eXceed 4.

 Phil Perucci ......... pperucci@access.digex.net ........ Systems Integrator 
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