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>>>>> "myriam" == Myriam Abramson <mabramson@nlm.nih.gov> writes:

myriam> Did anybody run the gabriel benchmarks with clisp?  I did fix
myriam> a few things in the benchmarks' code but I can't figure out
myriam> what's wrong with the boyer code.  I get a Unix error 89 (I
myriam> use the SGI-5.3 binary).

Seems like I've seen a newer version of gabriel around, but I can't
summon the location.  Anyway, I just tried it out with sources from CMU.

  [get and extract gabriel.tgz from CMU repository: lang/lisp/code/gabriel]
  [get http://sayre.sysc.pdx.edu:8001/clisp/tweaks/gabriel_diffs]
  cd gabriel
  patch < gabriel_diffs
  make -f makefile.clisp

"Error 89" noted.  Thanks.