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Re: Is CLX still working?

>>>>> "Marcus" == Marcus Daniels <marcus@sysc.pdx.edu> writes:

>>>>> "Brian" == "Brian F Dennis" <xjam@CS.Berkeley.EDU> writes:
    Brian> Can anyone confirm that the CLX package as patched for CLISP
    Brian> still works?  I've tried it out on a number of architectures
    Brian> with the latest version of CLISP and am encountering errors just
    Brian> opening the display.

    Marcus> CLX (hello world) and Garnet seem to work okay with
    Marcus> clisp-1995-12-08 on a LinuxELF system and on a Irix 5.3 system.
    Marcus> Have you any more details?

Hmmm, my LinuxELF doesn't seem to be working as well as Solaris2.4 and
HPUX. It's not actually having problems opening the display but in all
cases it eventually gets an "unknown event" error. 

I'm just using the demo hello.lsp from the clx distribution.

I used an older version of clisp (july 1994) to build clx and then ran the
demo program fine. If I had to guess it would be that the stream reading
and writing functions are the problem.

I'll do some more investigating.