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Re: Clisp 96-04-17 for NT, how do you make it work?

At 06:18 96-04-27 +0200, you wrote:
>It is probably that you don't have a HOME variable.  See if this: 
>  $ export HOME=/
>  $ ./lisp.run -M base/lispinit.mem

Thanks!  Now it works great!  I'm having another problem however.  I
downloaded the punimax symbolic math system, the clisp version, just to give
it a try.  The compile was mostly fine, except for a few warnings, but when
I tried to run it, with "lisp.run -M punimax.mem", it loaded the file for a
few seconds and then went back to the command prompt without any error
messages.  Is there any way to get some kind of debug information from
clisp?  And has anybody successfully compiled punimax on the latest version
of clisp?

Harold Roussel