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I am using Garnet with CLISP, when I compile it everithig goes Ok., (first of all have compiled CLX). I start CLISP with garnet.mem, and I do:

(create-instance 'MYWINDOW inter:interactor-window)
# ... <WINDOW> ..

Everithig is Ok, but then:

(opal:update MYWINDOW)

UNIX error 9 (EBADF): Bad File number

And the thing is that I am working with Linux. I really don't know what to do.

Does Garnet work only with certain versions of CLISP?
Is the problem related to the X-windows system?

Sorry, I'll give you now, all the versions:
CLISP  19-June-1994
libc  libc.so.4.7.2
Linux 1.2.13
gcc 2.7.0 
Garnet 2.1
The manual I have for garnet is for Garnet version 3.0 (the example given above is from page 47 of the Garnet reference manual for Version 3.0)

Tank you,

All suggestions are welcome.

Enrique Frias Martinez
Undergraduate Student Computer Science
Universidad de Valladolid
e-mail: efrias@cp1.dcs.cie.uva.es