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(Fwd) CLISP on OS/2 (New topic: EDITOR)

>----- Forwarded message (Marcus Daniels <marcus@sysc.pdx.edu>) -----< 
>>>>> "you" == bruce s irvine <flogger_d@usa.pipeline.com> writes: 
you> Next line: ILLEGAL CHARACTER #\Code26  
Try to delete the MSDOG Control-Z from the end of the file,  
and try again (ie get an editor that doesn't do this to you). 
Alternatively, run this: 
(set-syntax-from-char #\Code26 #\Space) 
Thanks for the help.  The Control-Z is invisible in all the editors I  have
been using to edit the config files (OS2 system editor and  
"enhanced editor" that comes with OS2 Warp), so I added the  
"set-syntax" line in the config.lsp file.  Now it works well and I get "0
errors" and "0 warnings" when files compile. 
Is there an easy source (hopefully text) that describes how to use the
"editor.lsp" editor that comes with clisp?  I think I successfully loaded
it, but when I tried to execute it by entering the keystrokes: (ED)  my
screen went blue and a outlined rectangle formed on the screen with the
legend "bindings" in the upper center of the rectangle.  No matter what I
did I couldn't get anything to happen past this point except that one tone
sounded when most keys and combinations of keys were pressed.  I ultimately
had to restart my system to get out of this display.  I looked at the
editor.lsp file, but learning to use the editor from this source could take
an extended time. 
Bruce Irvine