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Win32 clisp question


I just joined this list so i don't know what's been going on. But,
I can't put the Win32 clisp working. It complained firstly of bash.exe,
which was missing. Then info from marcus@sysc.pdx.edu gave me hint that
cygnus-win32-programs must be present. I downloaded them and put bash.exe and
sh.exe to \bin-directory. Now clisp loads, but it still complains about a
missing file, not giving the name, just something like "unix library error,
ENOENT." Clisp is running, but it stops in a break and I can't get back to
top-level. I must say I don't know much about unix so are there some environment
variables or such to be set before clisp runs properly?

BTW When I start clisp in my clisp-directory, clisp can't find lispinit.mem,
then I put this directory in path and copied lispinit.mem to \bin, now clisp
finds it, but still there is some file missing, pity clisp doesn't tell what.

Sorry if this is a FAQ, but as a complete newbie I need all the help I can get.
My main interest is to use clisp with Common Music.