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Re: CLISP on Solaris and ULTRA-Sparc

Martin Ginkel writes:
> If I try to load CLISP (bin-Version 17-04-96) for Solaris2.4 on our ULTRA
> with Sol2.5 I get the following Error:
> /usr/local/clisp/bin/lisp.run: initialisation file was not created by this version of LISP

Oh, I see. The format of the lispinit.mem file depends on the hardware
page size (a C macro called PAGESIZE under Solaris). We should avoid this.
The following patch to the C source should do the trick (untested).

*** src/spvw.d.bak	Sun Jul 21 20:14:52 1996
--- src/spvw.d	Mon Nov 18 15:01:50 1996
*** 9663,9668 ****
--- 9663,9673 ----
            # UNIX_SUNOS5 hat doch tatsächlich mmap(), aber kein getpagesize() !
            #if defined(HAVE_GETPAGESIZE)
+           #elif defined(UNIX_SUNOS5) && defined(SPARC)
+           # Normal SPARCs have PAGESIZE=4096, UltraSPARCs have PAGESIZE=8192.
+           # For compatibility of the .mem files between the architectures,
+           # choose the same value for both here.
+           8192
            #elif defined(UNIX_SUNOS5)
            PAGESIZE # siehe <sys/param.h>
*** 9797,9802 ****
--- 9802,9809 ----
            #elif defined(HAVE_SHM)
+           #elif defined(UNIX_SUNOS5) && defined(SPARC)
+           8192 # for compatibility of the .mem files
            #elif defined(UNIX_SUNOS5)
            PAGESIZE # siehe <sys/param.h>

> Is there a Way to fix it ???

Without rebuilding the sources, you can generate a lispinit.mem file
for UltraSparc this way:
  - byte-compile all the .lsp files contained in the distribution,
    (init.lsp etc.), unless they are already byte-compiled,
  - rename lispinit.mem to lispinit-normalsparc.mem
  - On the UltraSparc, execute
    ./lisp.run -m 750KW -x "(load \"init.fas\") (sys::%saveinitmem) (exit)"
  - rename lispinit.mem to lispinit-ultrasparc.mem
Then adapt your /usr/local/bin/clisp shell script to dispatch on `uname -m`.

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