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Re: clisp README -- can't find NeXTstep interface

> >>>>> "RK" == Roger Kirchner <rkirchne@phobos.mathcs.carleton.edu> writes:
> RK> The README in ma2s2.mathematik.uni-karlsruhe.de/pub/lisp/clisp
> RK> doesn't show there are both i386-next and m68k-next binaries in
> RK> the binaries directory.  Also, could the ls-lR be updated?
> RK> Current version is from 1993.
> Updated!

Thanks.  Previously, I asked about the NeXTstep user interface written
by Michael Stoll, and he replied:

:It should be in the source tree (in a directory named `nextapp' or so).
:There might be some modifications needed w.r.t. the libraries that have
:to be linked.
:I could also make available a binary (for NS 3.2/i386), but the CLISP
:version I currently use is (if I remember correctly) from mid-1995.
:        Michael Stoll

But I can't find any other instances of 'next' in ls-lR except those
referning to the binaries.  Does anyone have any further info about
the NeXTstep interface?  There is an interface, Schematik, for
black NeXTs which can run clisp instead of Scheme, but would like
one for Intel NeXTs which could perhaps also be used for black