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Lisp.app builds!

> >>>>> "RK" == Roger Kirchner <rkirchne@phobos.mathcs.carleton.edu> writes:
> RK> (I didn't have a gettext directory.)  But the symbols still aren't
> RK> being found.  Do I need to redo some steps?
> You need to add the extra libraries to Project Builder's `Libraries'
> (to see, click the `Files' button).  The existing libraries are
> probably Media_s, NeXT_s, and termcap.  For the FFI, add libavcall.a,
> libtrampoline.a, and libvacall.a; for gettext, add libintl.a.

This did the trick.

Now I have another problem.  Code for "AI a Modern Approach", Russell
and Norvig (http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~russell/aima.html) compiled
using 1996-06-26 NeXT binaries, but I get an error in compiling
with Lisp.app, built using 1996-08-29 source.

After (load "aima.lisp"), (aima-compile) compiles number of files.

;; Loading file /Roger/aima/code/utilities/cltl2.fas ...
;; Loading of file /Roger/aima/code/utilities/cltl2.fas is finished.
Compiling file /Roger/aima/code/agents/basic-env.lisp ...

Compilation of file /Roger/aima/code/agents/basic-env.lisp is finished.
0 errors, 0 warnings
;; Loading file /Roger/aima/code/agents/basic-env.fas ...
;; Loading of file /Roger/aima/code/agents/basic-env.fas is finished.
Compiling file /Roger/aima/code/agents/grid-env.lisp ...
*** - PRINT: Despite of *PRINT-READABLY*, #<CLOSURE DEFAULT-LOC NIL (@ 1 1)> cannot be printed readably.
1. Break>

I don't see DEFAULT-LOC in the code, although it occurs in grid-env.fas
created by the 6-26 version.

   #Y(DEFAULT-LOC #12Y(00 00 00 00 00 01 D8 D8 2F 01 19 01) 1. @) MAKE-OBJECT

I'm not giving anyone much to go on, but any ideas?