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Re: clisp manuals

For win32 TeX are you refering to the MikTeX distribution from
Christian Schenk?  If so, what's been wrong with it?  If not, you
should definitely check CTAN for it, query Yahoo, or ask me to dig up
a URL.  I've gotten very good results with it at work on a variety of
NT and WIn95 stations.

>>>>> On Tue, 19 Aug 97 16:08:13 +0200, sshteingold@cctrading.com said:

    sshteingold>      1. HTML is pretty ugly, unless you spend all
    sshteingold> your life in Netscape.  (C-s - incremental search is
    sshteingold> a sufficient reason to read any HTML manual in Emacs
    sshteingold> instead of Netscape and put up with the ugly markup).
    sshteingold> I would suggest whatever is used for the LDP, as it
    sshteingold> translates to GNU info, LaTeX and HTML from the
    sshteingold> single source.
    sshteingold>      2. There is a TeX for win32 (of course!) but it
    sshteingold> is not a very good distribution. I had a hard time
    sshteingold> installing it, and I could neither print (yes, I *do*
    sshteingold> have a postscript printer) nor preview.
    sshteingold>      3. Again, if CLISP conformed to the CLtL2
    sshteingold> completely, the only thing to document would be the
    sshteingold> implementation-specific stuff like run-program.

    sshteingold> ______________________________ Reply Separator
    sshteingold> _________________________________ Subject: Re: Re[2]:
    sshteingold> format ~/function/ Author:
    sshteingold> <clisp-list@ma2s2.mathematik.uni-karlsruhe.de> at
    sshteingold> INET Date: 1997-08-19 14:44

    >> 4. The manual mentioned in a previous message is 2 years
    >> old. (it is also in TeX, i.e.., unusable for those of us stuck
    >> with win32. What about (gnu)info, to be read with emacs?)
    sshteingold> In 1997, it would be logical to write a manual in
    sshteingold> HTML. I'm not going to do it, though (lack of
    sshteingold> time). Any volunteers?
    sshteingold> TeX doesn't exist for win32? I find that hard to
    sshteingold> believe. LaTeX2HTML?  --- Leigh Computer Science,
    sshteingold> University of Western Australia Smith +61-8-9380-3778
    sshteingold> leigh@cs.uwa.edu.au (NeXTMail/MIME)
    sshteingold> "Home pages are the pet rock of the 90s.  We all have
    sshteingold> them, we all think they're very cute.  But in a few
    sshteingold> years we're going to look back and be pretty
    sshteingold> embarrassed." -- Tony Shepps <toad@pond.com> "Why
    sshteingold> wait?" -- Peter Langston