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Spanish translation of CLisp

Hi all,

I've finished the translation of CLisp. Since now, all the spanish
users of CLisp may work in spanish. It is up to them, ... I'm 
finishing the translation of _README, so it will be (hopefully)
added in the next release of CLisp (if you want, Bruno and Marcus).

I've sent the final version of clisp.po to the "Universidad
Nacional de Extremadura". As soon as they put it in their
ftp site, I will tell you the url where you can get it from.

To the spanish users of this list: If you install clisp.po in
your machine, you could work in english, at your convenience,
and you could work in spanish too. If you find that some message
is not clear or if you think that it should be said in other
way, send me one message.

On the other hand, I will maintain the translation in the future.

I hope my work will help you, spanish spokers, and will encourage
Bruno Haible and Marcus Daniels to go on with CLisp.

I'd like to thank you ---publicly--- to Leo Sarasua and Santiago
Vila for their comments and suggestions and to Juan Jordana for
his tips! Thank you,

This translation has taken me 9 months. So it is a child!!! :)
( a bad joke! :)


Carlos Linares Lopez
Artificial Intelligence Laboratory 
Facultad de Informatica       
Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
Espana (Spain)