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Re: CLISP DLL for Windows95

Ric Hohne writes:
> I understand that there are new win32 executables avilable (17Sept1997),   
> but are the sources available for this build. I have downloaded the two   
> compressed 'tar' files, however the one containing diffs from 07Aug97 to   
> 15Sept97 appears to have an unexpected EOF.

Oops. It's corrected now.

> I'm doing a follow up, of Dr John Levine's email of the 24June1997, to   
> see if there have been any new developments in producing a win32 DLL   
> version of CLIPS.

You can probably compile CLISP for inclusion in a DLL (but choose a
conservative memory model: -DNO_GENERATIONAL_GC -DNO_SELFMADE_MMAP
-DNO_SINGLEMAP -DNO_TRIVIALMAP). The memory image will still reside
in a separate file, though: you can't put it inside the DLL.