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Re[2]: format ~t - the bug remains

     But this prints something like 
        (arg1 arg2 arg3 arg4 arg5 arg6 &rest other-args)
     which is not too informative. I wish it were possible to get something 
        (list pred)
     for a function defined as
       (defun zz (list pred) ...)
     Apparently, neither CLtL2 nor ANSI provide for such, so the issue is 
     moot. (Well, the only reason one might need this is insufficient 
     documentation, and I guess all functions in CL are supposed to have 
     proper doc strings).

Something like
  (defun function-arglist (fn)
        (multiple-value-call #'sys::describe-signature nil
                             (sys::function-signature fn)
  ) ) ) )
will probably do the trick. </HACK> Of course, keep in mind that 
CLISP internals (i.e. everything you get access to through the SYSTEM 
package) are subject to change without notice.