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Re: FYI: a metaobject extension

    Date:	Tue, 31 Jul 1990 14:29:20 PDT
    From:	Gregor Kiczales <Gregor@xerox.com>

    I believe this feature flies in the face of the name/metaobject
    separation we worked so hard to get right.  I also believe that this
    name/metaobject separation is one of the significant contributions of
    CLOS to the world of Lisp-based OOLs, so it is important to keep it

    I believe that the proper way to do this is by making a method object
    and calling add-method.  Yes, its true that Chapter 3 isn't an official
    standard, but certainly within your own implementation you could have
    done that, and CLIM could do it as well.

This sounds like an ideal application of the phrase "semantic chasm."  A
minor change to the application program is to require that part of the
application to be rewritten in an entirely different (sub)language?