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Creating new method combinations

To: CommonLoops.PA
Subject: Creating new method combinations
From: nick(j). <nmj@cs.flinders.oz.au>
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(wrt 22/5/90 PCL (REV 2) and AKCL 1.485)

  I've been trying to create new method combinations using:
  "define-method-combination" (long form) and the object
  returned is:

                                                RULE T) 16050520>

  (for a combination called "rule"). What I'd like to do is
  have this new combination method replace the original standard
  combination (by setq'ing pcl::*standard-method-combination* with this
  value!?! am I an the right track?????)

  If I attempt this I get the following error:

Error: When initializing the generic-function #<compiled-closure FOO>:
       The :METHOD-COMBINATION initialization argument was:
         #<Standard-Method PCL::FIND-METHOD-COMBINATION
       It must be a method combination object.
Error signalled by SHARED-INITIALIZE.

Broken at SHARED-INITIALIZE.  Type :H for Help.

  Has anyone got any pointers as to how one might replace the standard
  combination with a user defined?

PS I known this defeats the purpose of the mail group but could any
   be mailed directly, as I'm not sure if the mail groups mail is getting

Thanx in advance. (nick j)

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