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change in list format

The purpose of this message is to propose a change to the format of the
CommonLoops mailing list --- we are suggesting that this mailing list be
replaced with a new usenet newsgroup.

At this time, the CommonLoops mailing list has grown quite large, with
an estimated 800 readers.  It requires at least one hour per day of
maintenance to keep it running.  Even with that amount of work, there
are still many problems with duplicate messages (as many of you have

Also, now that CLOS is a standard, and there are starting to be many
implementations other than PCL, it seems appropriate to focus the
discussion on the use of CLOS rather than the use of PCL.

The precise proposal is to:

 1) Decommission the CommonLoops list.

 2) Create a new usenet bboard (probably called "comp.object.clos".)
    The charter of the bboard would be discussion of the use, future
    development and implementation of the Common Lisp Object System.

 3) PCL sources and old archives of the CommonLoops list would still
    be maintained on arisia.parc.xerox.com.

At this time, we would like to know whether there are people on this
mailing list who would object to moving to the Usenet BBoard format.
Please reply to this message only if this change would be a problem
for you.

Providing that this change does not pose too many problems, expect us to
contact you with information about how you can participate in the usenet
voting process to form the new newsgroup.

Gregor Kiczales
Yasuhiko Kiuchi