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Re: Making (CLASS-OF <class>) be EQ to <class>

   I looked at LISP-SYMBOL-REDEFINITION:MAR89-X3J13 version 8 and expected that
   it would prohibit this entirely, but in fact it's silent on the point.  However,
   in the absence of a metaobject protocol defining what it means, it's clearly
   unsupportable for users to define methods on Lisp-supplied generic functions.
   Maybe another issue covered this, or maybe it's a hole in the language waiting
   to be filled by the metaobject protocol.

At the last X3J13 meeting, I pointed out that the latest version of
LISP-SYMBOL-REDEFINITION was deficient in this respect.  I also gave the
relevant text from the latest MOP to Kim Barrett, and he got the revised
version when it came out in July.  I suspect that text could be lifted
into the final ANSI draft.