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Good discussion on General OO stuff

Is there a good discussion on what types of things are *required* for
a system in order to call it Object Oriented?  We're constantly coming
up against systems which say 'We've got a real object system' and then
discover that they have no multiple inheritance, methods, classes,
no good class redefinition abilites etc.

Obviously some of this is still up for discussion (eg some people don't
believe multiple inheritance is good let alone neccesary) and some is
fairly subjective  (ie should a class be an instance of a class) but
we would love to have a good set of examples that we can give to these
developers and receive some quantifiable data - rather like Codds 10
rules for relational databases.

Is anyone doing this already or maybe a favorite little trick that
you ask when you meet someone who uses your 'most loathed object system'.
I may consider putting these together for public consumption if there
is some interest.


Peter T. Magee