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specializer-direct-xxx generic functions

    Date: Thu, 4 Oct 1990 19:16 EDT
    From: Jon L White <jonl@lucid.com>

    re: One symptom of their failing: we can create lexically scoped generic 
	function definitions, but we can't create lexically-scoped class 

    Of course, this is not limited to CLASS definitions; a common thread of
    complaint form the Lucid user community is the inability to make
    lexically-scoped (and hence stack-allocated) defstruct definitions.  

You mean defstruct instances, not defstruct definitions.

    And in a sense, the continual call for "stack-allocated" LISTs and 
    ARRAYs begs for additional functionality in the language to express
    dynamic-extent data.

Which X3J13 added not long ago in the form of the DYNAMIC-EXTENT declaration.