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Sigh... a bug clos-on-kee

Naturally, 15 minutes after I announce to the world that I have
something available, I find a bug. In my CLOS subset on KEE announced
earlier today, there is a bug in the parsing of a defclass form such

   (defclass foo ()
      :documentation "doc string"
      :metaclass my-metaclass)

is accepted rather than

   (defclass foo ()
      (:documentation "doc string")
      (:metaclass my-metaclass))

I guess this shows just how much I use these in real CLOS/PCL
and how well I read the spec.
The fixed version is available on zaphod.lanl.gov via
anonymous ftp using the same instructions as before.

Please send any bugs found or comments regarding the package
to <hwe@lanl.gov>

				Sorry for the problem.
				Skip Egdorf