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bug in pcl 11/11 under ExCL 1.{3,4}

Extended Common Lisp 1.4 (1/14/87 14:25)
Copyright (c) 1986, Franz Inc., Alameda, Ca 
<bool> (use-package 'pcl)

<bool> (pcl::make-specializable 'length)

#<Discriminator LENGTH (:DAEMON) 15431771> 
<bool> (ndefstruct (text-line (:class class)
	                      (:conc-name nil))
	 (data nil :type array)
	 (offset 0 :type fixnum)
	 (length 0 :type fixnum))

<bool> (make-array 10)

#(Error: Attempt to do an array operation on 61667360 which is not an array.
[1] <bool> 

This is really wierd 'cause if I change the length slot to be named ``size''
then the error goes away.