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Re: Question about MAKE-METHOD Arguments

    Date: 28 Dec 86 16:56 PST
    From: Dick Gabriel <RPG@SAIL.STANFORD.EDU>

    To Gregor:

    When you state that the same ``method could be on (sic) more
    than one generic function,'' does this preclude different method
    objects sharing the same underlying method function? That is, would
    it be ok to have the method object know the generic function it is
    part of, but not the method function (which is the meat of the
    method object)?  Do you envision glueing method objects in a
    variety of generic functions?

I believe that the method-function of a method should be a mutable slot.
Consequently, I imagine that multiple methods could have the same

Methods could be added to a variety of generic functions, but some
method-class, generic-function-class combinations will signal an error
because it will be inconsistent for that kind of method to be added to
that kind of generic function.