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Things we should do to prepare for the March meeting

There are quite a few errors in the document.  I believe it is important
to distribute an errata sheet at the meeting.  I have read the document
very carefully and am producing a first draft of an errata sheet, which
I will send out in a separate mail message, either today or tomorrow.  I
assume we can produce a final draft errata sheet, acceptable to
everyone, through the mail.

The glossary section should be finished, checked for consistency with
the rest of the document, and distributed at the meeting.  This will
make the document easier to understand.

Make-instance should be resolved.  There are several other issues
(perhaps I will put together a list in a day or two) that should be
resolved also if we have additional time.

I have not yet read the meta-object chapter carefully enough to comment
on it.  Maybe next week.