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Problem with get-function and put-function

This is a follow up to a message that Ray Bates sent
earlier.  We have observed that the ndefstruct slot options "get-function"
and "put-function" don't work on our Symbolics machines in the
last couple of releases of PCL (they worked in a September
'86 release).  This is true for both the version 6 and 7 releases of
the Symbolics environment.  We haven't located the precise location
of the bug, but we do have some idea of what might be wrong.

Consider the forms below:

((lambda (self) (cons self self)) 'abc)

(funcall #'(lambda (self) (cons self self)) 'abc)

(#'(lambda (self) (cons self self)) 'abc)

The first two forms evaluate successfully on a Symbolics machine, while
the third form does not.  The error message accompanying evaluation
of the third form is identical to that which we observe when trying
to evaluate slot accessors which have been defined with the "get-function"
or "put-function" options.  Thus, we are guessing that a form similar
to the third is being generated within PCL.

Bob Mac Gregor