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HP Lisp fix for low.l

    On an HP Bobcat, while trying to compile PCL version 4/29
    prime, I get
    a wrong-number-of-args error. Unfortunately, what I have in the
    way of
    a debugger can't even tell me the arglist (I can't quite get
    working yet, so I'm using bare common-lisp). I hope there's
    here for you to recognize the problem.

    Loading binary of PKG...
    Loading binary of WALK...
    Loading binary of MACROS...
    Loading binary of LOW...

    !!!!! Error: Wrong number of arguments passed to function
      Condition signalled in: MAKE-MEMORY-BLOCK-MASK.

This is due to a bug in the HP Lisp compiler. Please change the
call to 'make-memory-block-mask' in 'low.l' to:

(defconstant class-wrapper-cache-mask
   (make-memory-block-mask class-wrapper-cache-size #+HP 2))