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Re: Printing Objects

     Date: Wed, 6 May 87 09:34:12 pdt
     From: Jim Kempf <kempf%hplabsc@hplabs.hp.com>
     Subject: Printing Objects
     Looking through the PRINT-OBJECT specification, there is no read macro
     specified for allowing an object printed out to be read back in. 
     Since DEFSTRUCT has the #S read macro, it seems as if something similar
     should be available for instances of classes of the default metaclass.
     #O comes to mind first, but, of course, that is used by octal numbers.
     Why not #@? From CLTL, pg. 352, this one looks free. 
     		Jim Kempf	kempf@hplabs.hp.com

I don't see why #S couldn't be extended to read instances. Since #S
can only read "typed" structures (those that define a common lisp type),
the semantics wouldn't get changed.