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To:       CommonLOOPS (commonloops@xerox.com)
From:     Doug Rand (DOUG@ENX.PRIME.COM) x4182 bldg 10
Date:     25 Mar 87  6:29 PM
Subject:  Fix to problem in 1.0 Prime Common LISP (LUCID)

I talked with Gregor and we found the following fixes to my problems
with Lucid on Prime.

In fsc-low.lisp:

;; after
(defun make-funcallable-instance-1
;; add the line
   (declare (notinline lucid::new-procedure))

;; change the lines
                 (dotimes (i max-procedure-size)
                   (setf (lucid::procedure-ref fin i)
                         (lucid::procedure-ref new-value i)))
;; to
                 (dotimes (i max-procedure-size)
                   (setf (lucid::procedure-ref fin i)
                         (if (< i new-procedure-size)
                             (lucid::procedure-ref new-value i)