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The agenda seems fine to me. The key to making the meeting work is for
people to dedicate time to studying the proposals and doing what they
have volunteered to do. I, for example, will get to work on the
anonymous generic function progosal tomorrow, and you will all have it
within a week.

Because I just returned from Europe, I don't even know what arrangements
Linda has made. But, again, there is no territorialness in what they are,
it is a matter of someone volunteering to do the work and then doing it.
Danny was also in Europe, and no one else had stepped forward.

On the document: I earlier promised to produce a minimal TEX macro file
so that people could roll their own. It was a lack of time on my part that
prevented that rather than some sinister plot. I hope I can get that done in
a day and put it out on SAIL along with the TEX sources. The problem with the
current macro file is that it is many dozens of pages long and contains the
book layout definition for all of Lucid's manuals.