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>These notes correspond to *pcl-system-date* 3/19/87 prime.

>This release runs in:
>  ExCL
>  Lucid
>  Symbolics Common Lisp (Genera)
>  Vaxlisp (2.0)
>  Xerox Common Lisp (Lyric Release)

>CMU Lisp (nee Spice) and KCL should be working soon. ...

We are trying to get a useable LISP environment on SUN workstations
for our students.  We've already installed KCL. 
It would be very helpful to get a version of PCL for it.
Did you already manage to get this version finished ?
And if so, how can we get hold of the new files ?
(The above is our current version of PCL).

Thanks for any hints.

Marc Raths

Integrated Systems Laboratory            Phone: +41 1 256 22 11
Swiss Federal Institute for Technology   GENERAL: mr@iis.uucp
CH-8092 Zurich                           UUCP:    ...!seismo!mcvax!iis!mr
SWITZERLAND                              ARPA:    mr%iis.uucp@seismo.css.gov