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lambda congruency bug

If I make a file containing the following forms . . .

(in-package "ZAP" :use '("LISP" "CLOS"))
(defclass foo () ())
(defclass bar (foo) ())
(defmethod baz ((foo foo)) t)
(defmethod baz ((bar bar)) nil)
(setf f (make-instance 'foo))
(setf b (make-instance 'bar))
(defmethod baz ((bar bar) &optional (quux t)) :quack)
(print (baz f))
(print (baz b t))

. . . I would expect an error at the second to last form because the last
DEFMETHOD form should have caused the previously defined methods to go away,
however in my environment (Sun/Lucid "Development Environment 2.1.1" with a
PCL::*PCL-SYSTEM-DATE* of "8/27/87  August 27th, 1987" I get the following
output when I load this file . . .

> (load "clos-bogosity.lisp")
;;; Loading source file "clos-bogosity.lisp"


. . . which appears to indicate a bug.

			Rick Busdiecker
			Expert Technologies Incorporated