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Re: Is PCL and CLOS the same thing?

>Please pardon me if I am sorely incorrect, but aren't PCL and CLOS supposed
>to be the same thing.

As far as I have been able to gather, CLOS is the Common Lisp Object System
standard and PCL is a version of CLOS.  As you have noticed, some features in
the CLOS documentation are yet-to-be-implemented in PCL.

>                       They seem at least close.  I have found the following
>   No defgeneric in PCL
>   Under KCL with-slots and with-slots* don't work
>   The :writer option doesn't work in defclass
>   There is no with-accessors

At present, there is, as you mentioned, no with-accessors.  There is, however,
WITH-ACCESSORS* which works as in the CLOS documentation (3/88).  I am puzzled
by your comment that WITH-SLOTS* doesn't work when PCL is run on KCL, though.
We are using PCL run on KCL and it works fine.  There may have been some fixes
made to get it to work that I am unaware of, though.  Another slot option that
doesn't work with DEFCLASS which I have noticed is the :DOCUMENTATION option.
It is accepted as a legal option, but produces nothing.  I have used SETF to
attach documentation to already defined classes as a way around this.  I am 
unaware whether this is a problem specific to PCL run on KCL or not.

--Jeff Hartung--