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I am confused about with-slots.

The test.lisp file uses with-slots, yet with-slots says it is obsolete.
In any event I get an error in pcl on kcl when expanding the
with-slots macro in test.lisp

The code from test.lisp is:

    (with-slots (obj)
      (list x y)))

PCL>Warning: The with-slots macro is now obsolete.  You should convert to
         with-slots* or with-accessors* as soon as possible.
Error: The class of OBJ was not specified and could not
       be inferred from the lexical context.
Error signalled by FUNCALL.

Broken at WITH-SLOTS.  Type :H for Help.

The pcl files I have were ftp'd from parc today (April 19).

---Bill Schelter