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[Tom Mitchell: clos in 7.2]

Hopefully, some of these patches aren't necessary anymore.

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Date:     Fri, 8 Apr 88 16:11:19 EDT
From:     Tom Mitchell <tmitchel@vax.bbn.com>
To:       kanderson@vax.bbn.com
Subject:  clos in 7.2

I have been playing with CLOS for the past couple of days, (with moderate
sucess) and just tried it on 7.2.  There is a problem with loading the current
system in 7.2.  The file "CLOS:CLOS;REL-7-PATCHES" has two references to the
package "L-COMPILER".  Apparently Symbolics has changed the name of this
package to "COMPILER".  (The logical host L-COMPILER still exists though)  I
have a new version of the file  -- Leningrad:>tom>clos>rel-7-patches -- that
seems to work.  I guess the defsystem needs to be conditionalized somehow to
load different files depending on 7.1 or 7.2.

Now if i could just get the dumb box to import symbols into package cl-user...

- -tom

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