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which functions should be generic?

    Date: 24 Jun 88 12:19 PDT
    From: Masinter.pa@Xerox.COM

    Mr. Ida asks (relative to COERCE-INCOMPLETE):

    "Will Coerce function be a (standard) generic function ?"

It's difficult to implement COERCE's dispatch in terms of generic
function dispatch since equivalence of type specifiers is not done
in an object-oriented way.  There is no way to write a method that
is applicable both for (coerce '(#\a) 'string) and for
(coerce '(#\a) '(vector string-char)), even though both of those
forms mean the same thing.

    I'd like to generalize this: Now that CLOS is part of the standard, which
    functions in CL should be generic?

I think this is the wrong mailing list to discuss changes that X3J13, or
anyone else, might want to make to the language in order to take advantage
of CLOS.