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CLOS chapters 1 and 2 accepted

It will be of interest to the people on this list to know that at last
week's meeting of the X3J13 committee for the standardization of Common
Lisp, the following motion was passed:

   The X3J13 Committee hereby accepts chapters 1 and 2 of the Common
   Lisp Object System, as defined in document 88-002R, for inclusion in
   the Common Lisp language being specified by this committee. 

   Subsequent changes will be handled through the usual editorial and
   cleanup processes.

This means that the non metaobject protocol parts of CLOS are now much
more stable.  It gives PCL a firm target which I can now shoot for.

The TeX sources for this document will be available shortly.  We expect
the document to be widely distributed and reprinted.  Initially, it will
be appearing in SIGPLAN and The Journal of Lisp and Symbolic