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PCL on VAXLisp Ver 2.0

...doesn't work.  The latest version of PCL contains implementation-specific
code in WALK.LSP for each known implementation.  The code to support the latest
PCL on VAX Lisp relies on architectural changes made for V2.2.  Therefore, to 
run St. Patrick's Day PCL, you need to upgrade to V2.2.

As PCL is under continuing development, we (DEC) are unable to provide even the
current unofficial level of support for PCL on incompatible versions of VAX
Lisp.  You might or might not be able to devise a patch by looking at pre-V2.2
versions of PCL.

Best of luck,

Jeffrey Piazza
VAX Lisp Development
Digital Equipment Corporation
m/s DLB5-2/B10
290 Donald Lynch Boulevard
Marlboro, MA  01752